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Satellite Internet by ZeroOutages™

A Best of Breed Global Telecom Network

ZeroOutages includes comprehensive managed Internet services utilizing low earth orbit satellite networks. Learn more by contacting your sales agent Matt Taylor - 615-716-8088 -

Easy Deployment

Being the first managed business-class LEO Satellite vendor, ZeroOutages has the experience and skillset to ensure a smooth installation for each new customer. ZeroOutages' Satellite-enabled services include white glove technical assistance in order to simplify deployments.

All equipment is delivered pre-configured and shipped directly to the address provided within the order, typical deployment occurs within 30 days (expedite is available). The equipment includes the satellite ground station along with the ZeroOutages router to which the customer connects their local area network and WIFI devices.

The ZeroOutages service will handle all routing, Quality of Service, DDoS protection, Link Load Balancing, and redundancy functionality (when paired with our LTE service or other Internet connections). If multiple Satellite services are ordered for a location, the SD-WAN service will mesh those links in order to provide additional bandwidth and added reliability.

Ask about ZeroOutages MPLS migration solutions with integrated Starlink Internet services.

* If you have existing SD-WAN equipment, no problem, the ZeroOutages router acts as a simple hand-off in that case. ZeroOutages can even provide a fully routed IPv4 address.

Integrated Layer-3 Network

ZeroOutages services incorporate enhanced Quality of Service and the ability to bypass Starlink's global NAT implementation. ZeroOutages, on request, can route end-user traffic on a per customer basis via our L3 network overlay to avoid common application issues with network address translation (NAT) and prioritize mission critical traffic for our business customers.

With built-in QoS, customers can prioritize applications like VoIP and balance traffic across one or more Satellite antenna. ZeroOutages can be combined with third-party Internet links for seamless network redundancy. Each ZeroOutages Satellite customers also enjoys a public virtual IP address, DDoS protection, and optional MDR-enabled end-point security.

Site-to-Site Connectivity - One of the significant opportunities with ZeroOutages Satellite service is for organizations with multiple locations. With its global reach and unique architecture, this service is perfect for connecting multiple branch offices or retail locations. ZeroOutages site-to-site solutions leverage our CloudHub service in order to easily scale up to hundreds of locations, so no matter the size or network complexity, ZeroOutages has a clean, and reliable solution.

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Virtual IP Addressing

ZeroOutages provides Satellite customers with Virtual IP Address (VIP) services from any of our 50+ data centers around the world. Customers can request a dedicated Virtual IP Address from any country or geographic region. ZeroOutages can even provide a dedicated subnet (via our L3 network overlay) for customers that wish to have routed IP addresses from their endpoint devices. View our layer-3 network infrastructure by click the button below.

Global Network

Customers can obtain as many Virtual IP Addresses that they would like for an additional fee. VIPs can be used for RDP access, VPN connections, or accessing internal servers. A dedicated subnet can be assigned for customers that have SIP PBX systems or other devices/servers that require a directly assigned public IP address.

24/7/365 Support

ZeroOutages Satellite solutions provide 24/7/365 network monitoring and customer service. Upon initial purchase, the ZeroOutages support team initially provisions the service and ships the onsite equipment, configures the equipment, and enables the customers public virtual IP address (or routed IPv4 subnets).

Our project management team will then reach out to schedule onsite installations and answer any questions about the turn-up process. ZeroOutages' support can also assist with making any changes to the customers configuration or the implementation of our SASE, network firewall and security services, if those have been added to the deployment. Tickets can be opened anytime via our support portal or by calling 888-383-3841.

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