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Internet Connectivity Solutions

ZeroOutages provides solutions for business customers looking for Internet connectivity that is globally available and provides a competitive alternative to existing telecom options.

Globally Available
Primary Internet Access

One of the key attributes of the Starlink Internet solution is its availability. ZeroOutages can deploy any of our Starlink solutions ANYWHERE within the United States today, and can deliver Starlink solutions globally with our global service options. This means that for locations which are tough to reach or have limited options, the Starlink solution can service as a primary Internet link for those sites. Further, due to the nature of how ZeroOutages deploys its services, our business customers can have the same design and configuration for any site in the world, making supporting and managing such deployments easy and cost effective.

ZeroOutages delivers unique features and capabilities not available from other vendors, including our 2Gbps service for customers that need higher throughput rates. ZeroOutages also offers low cost setup options by including the antenna rental within the monthly service fee, thus avoiding high CAPEX expenditures and approvals.

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Further, ZeroOutages can provide global white glove installation services, so no matter where our customers need to deploy, we have installers which can go onsite and complete the installation, turn-up and testing required to get the site up and running.

Always On & Unlimited
Redundant Connectivity

ZeroOutages ensures that our corporate and enterprise customers ensure 24/7 uptime for their operations. Further, with the unlimited bandwidth feature, our customers never have to pay more in the event that they have a significant outage on their primary Internet service. ZeroOutages' Starlink service will provide seamless failover and keep our customers operational without added costs. NOTE: A single LTE outage can costs thousands in usage fees.

ZeroOutages delivers THE MOST RELIABLE INTERNET CONNETIVITY IN THE WORLD. The Starlink Internet connection is a truly redundant, non-terrestrial service. Our Enterprise Flex and Global Performance solutions incorporate TWO antenna, dual routers (optional), multiple satellites and multiple downlinks, all to ensure 24/7 uptime for our customers. The Starlink service (not being dependant on any local infrstructure) stays up and running to ensure continuous operations.

ZeroOutages has a proven failover mechanism that works in conjuction with any existing third-party connectivity and any medium type (fiber, cable, LTE, etc). ZeroOutages can leverage our virtual IP services for seamless failover, all included as part of our service offering. Alternatively, if the customer has an existing failover or SD-WAN solution, the Starlink Internet connection can simply and transparently plug-in to that solution to offer an backup connectivity path in the event the primary connection fails.

A Fast Deployment
Fiber Alternative

ZeroOutages can provide up to 2Gbps throughput performance for our customers. This makes it a viable alternative for fiber deployments, where the build-out costs are too high, or the time to complete the build-out is unacceptable and/or where the customer has more immediate needs and can not wait for the fiber build-out to be completed.

ZeroOutages' customers can also decide to downgrade their service once their initial term is up and simply utilize the service as a backup connection once the fiber circuit has been delivered.

ZeroOutages can typically deploy a new site with up to 2Gbps performance within 30-days. Customers can pre-pay the fees for any service to reduce the initial term to only 6-months, which is typically enough time for most fiber build-outs. ZeroOutages' Starlink services are a very viable option for customers as either a replacement for fiber, or a temporary solution while fiber is being built-out to the site.

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