Comparison Chart

ZeroOutages' solutions incorporate significant value-add, including phone-based support, a Business SLA, static IPv4 addressing, a L3 network overlay, white glove profession installation, and more. ZeroOutages also has packages which have speeds and performance which are not available from Starlink direct. Our Enterprise services have no Starlink direct comparison.

Thus comparisons to Starlink direct products are difficult, however please use this chart for the closest possible match.

  • Business SMB40 <> Starlink Priority 40GB
  • Business Flex <> Starlink Priority 1TB
  • Business Gigabit <> Starlink Priority 2TB + 1Gbps
  • Enterprise Branch <> (great for multi-site deployments)
  • Enterprise Flex <> (great for high speed redundancy)
  • Enterprise Dual Gigabit <> (great for fiber alternative)
  • Global Branch <> Starlink Mobile-Priority 50GB
  • Global Flex* <> Starlink Mobile-Priority 1TB
  • Global Performance <> Starlink Mobile-Priority 2TB + 500Mbps

Note: Starlink's direct Business offerings are essentially their consumer product but with Priority Data Access, a.k.a. they do not offer phone support, SLA, static addressing, installation, etc.

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*Would require a priority data access upgrade to match the Starlink direct offering.