Order Satellite Internet by ZeroOutages™

This pricing reflects the cost of your Satellite service plus managed router services by ZeroOutages. ZeroOutages manages the ordering and deployment of the Satellite service for our customers.

Primary service type (service) Upgrade to Gigabit
Combined Service Fee (plus tax) $199.00 / circuit / mo
Antenna Deposit/Purchase Cost $1000.00 + onsite^
Due Upon Contract Acceptance (with Pole/Adatpers/Cable fees) $50.00

Total Due Today (plus tax and shipping) $

Contact Information
Shipping / Service Information
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Total Due Today (plus tax and shipping) $

Customers are assigned a project manager at the time of order placement and are typically notified of deployment within 30-days (deployments with lifts are extended to an average of over 60-days). All orders come with either a 36-month or 12-month term from ZeroOutages and then month-to-month. Satellite provider may change their pricing at any time. ZeroOutages setup fees are non-refundable. ^Onsite installation technicians charge from $500 and up depending on the location, travel time, etc. ZeroOutages project management will quote all installation costs prior to deployment upon customer request.

Low latency virtual IP service availability is provided by our global network, see our network map for details.